One of the key liquid products produced from the DG Energy process is naphtha, a mixture of hydrocarbons. Naphtha has several high value uses as described below:

Solvents - The high purity of the Naphtha produced from the DG Energy process makes it an ideal candidate for making certain paraffinic solvents for uses in paints, coatings and other products. Its non-toxic nature and high degree of biodegradability makes it an environmentally favored choice for these products.

Ethylene - Ethylene is the building block used to produce polyethylene, the most popular plastic in the world. The Naphtha to be produced from the process is an ideal feed for ethylene production due to its high paraffin content.

Light and higher olefins exist in the crude liquid streams produced from the DG Energy process that can be processed into specialty materials. These materials can be used as additives to plastics, detergents, lubricants and drilling fluids.

Paraffins from the kerosene and heavier liquids can be used for detergents, lubricants and related materials.

Supply of petroleum-based waxes is decreasing as more modern production methods reduce the byproduct wax. In addition, heavier crude oils contain less wax. Waxes from the DG Energy process are ideal substitutes to replace this declining supply. Waxes are used in packaging, coatings, personal care products and candles. Waxes can also be further processed into ultra-pure synthetic lubricants.